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Ponderosa Glee Boys Album Launch
The usual story here is that there can be a huge gap between a band’s first and second album. Bands such as Stone Roses and Stereo MCs can claim five and eight years respectively between their debuts and their follow ups.
Others have gaps between other albums. Guns n Roses Chinese Democracy famously came 15 years after its predecessor.
Ponderosa Glee Boys have a wilder claim to make. Their debut album Awake is released on December 8th, a colossal 41 years after the band first got together.
Ponderosa Glee Boys sprang out of the late 70’s Eric’s crowd and have since achieved a cult status as one of Liverpool’s great lost bands.

Encouraged to start a band by none other than Jayne Casey,
Ponderosa Glee Boys emerged as purveyors of fine post punk. Rooted more in the Public Image Ltd school rather than the New York/Velvet Underground influences of much of the Liverpool scene bands at the time, the Glee Boys stood out.
For a while, all was going well. Gigs at Eric’s, Brady’s and the Royal Court gave people a chance to catch them live and they signed to Inevitable Records, home of fellow scenesters Wah! Heat.
But there the good luck stopped and the band petered out. Unfortunately, Inevitable went bust before any records could be released, their singer left and the Glee Boys soon split up.
However, some well-remembered gigs and a lack of available recorded material proved to be a potent mix for creating a mystique that kept the band in the minds of those involved in Liverpool’s music scene at the time.
And then, in December 2017, The
Ponderosa Glee Boys returned.
Singer Carl had relocated to Australia some years previously, but was tempted back for what was at the time intended to be a one off series of gigs around Liverpool.
These gigs were so successful that the reunion became a permanent one. Back for their third set of gigs this December,
Ponderosa Glee Boys have finally recorded their debut album in Australia, with the rest of the band flying over to record.
Awake was launced on the 8
th December with a gig at Jayne Casey’s club District. The album was given away free to all attending the launch, before going on general sale.
The current lineup features original members Carl Eaton on vocals, Mark Robson on drums, Phil Hartley (from Space) on bass and Mike Mooney (Ex Spiritualized / Massive Attack).
The Ponderosa Glee Boys album Awake is available at www.punktownrecords.com
In both CD & Digital Download.

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